Lean legs is without doubt one of the top goals of any women that goes to the gym. Imagine being able to wear a pair of shorts or a skirt and feel confident.

The best way that you can get lean legs is to spend a while learning what the perfect leg slimming exercises are. Adding these to your fitness plan will be the first step.

So that you can achieve your goal quickly, below are the top exercises you should consider doing.


An excellent move to help give the legs a more defined look are lunges. By doing lunges you will also have the ability to work the glutes, hamstrings and the quads. Additionally help to keep your balance as they target your core.

Performing this exercise is very easy, simply walk across a room and back. Each workout should consist of two sets.


Squats are the 2nd work out that are perfect for your fitness plan, as they are a compound exercise they work every muscle in the lower body. Squats have two very useful benefits, they help you to develop more strength and then add much more muscle mass to your frame. As the body has more muscle mass you will be able to burn more calories which leads to quicker weight loss.

Rear Leg Raises

If you are wanting to firm the backside, rear leg raises are great as they target that area. These workouts are just right as they help you to tone up and not increase in size since you are not using weights.

Uphill Walking

The third exercise that you’ll want to add into your cardio program is uphill walking, it is ideal should you have problems with back problems as it is better for you than running. If you do uphill walking it’s going to benefit you in a variety of ways, it helps to burn calories and strengthen the lower back muscles.


This exercise really should not be ignored since it is ideal if you’re looking to firm your bum, as well as strengthening core muscles and the lower back. When doing this exercise don’t use your lower back, you need to sqeeze from your glutes and use the muscles in the bum. When doing the rising part of the exercise you ought to keep the back flat, doing so will avoid lower back pain.

These 5 exercises are perfect to help you get one step closer to having lean legs. You only need to do these exercises for around 3 days per week, making them a perfect addition to your lower body workout.

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